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Generations Silver

Generations Gold

Generations Executive Service

Amendments to Wills or Living Trusts


Amendments to Ancillary Plan Documents

Titling Assistance

Asset Tracking

Telephone Consultations

Bank Letters

Continuing Education

Periodic Newsletter

Plan Review

Every 3 years



Powers of Attorney for Adult Children

Post Mortem Administration (fixed fee)

Post-Mortem Administration (discounted hourly rate)


Client Document Portal


Amendments to Estate Tax Funding Clauses


Discounted Hourly Rate

Incapacity Trust Administration (discounted hourly rate)


Trust Protector Services

Fixed Fee

Irrevocable Trust Services

Irrevocable Trust Administration at discounted rates

Annual Plan Review with your Advisor Team

Corporate Maintenance for LLCs and Corporations at discounted rates

709 Gift Tax Return Review

For a complete description of the services provided at each level of Generations, please click on the links below.

With Generations Silver we will assist you in making certain amendments to your Will and Living Trust documents including: changing trustees, successor trustees, personal representatives or guardians; modifications to instructions or personal property memoranda; adding or deleting specific gifts; and other clerical changes that do not modify the substance of the plan or require attorney counseling or plan re-design.

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Generations Gold clients receive the same services as Generations Silver clients, and are also entitled to the following additional services:

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Generations Executive Service is for clients with multiple business entities, revocable trusts and irrevocable trusts that require additional service, review and care. Generations Executive Service clients are provided the same level of service as Generations Gold clients, and are also entitled to the following additional services:

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